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Paternity cases are governed by a series of “legal fictions” that can greatly affect your legal rights regarding a child.  It is possible that you can be held to be the father of a child even though conclusive DNA evidence demonstrates that you are not.  Likewise, a biological father might be precluded from having a relationship with their child based upon the actions of others. 

In all circumstances where Paternity is at issue it is vitally important to act as soon as you have a suspicion that the child in question may not be your biological child.  This is doubly important if you are married any you suspect that your Wife is having an affair (or if you believe that you may have impregnated a married woman who isn’t your Wife) because there is a presumption that all children born of an intact marriage are the legitimate children of that marriage.

Additionally, you may be called to Court for the support of a child you were unaware of, or have never met.  At the support conference it is common that you will be asked to sign an “acknowledgement of paternity”, keep in mind that should you sign this, you may be forever waiving your rights to challenge the paternity of the child.