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Military Divorce/Support/Custody

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It is not uncommon for parties to separate while one of the parties is an active duty member of the United States Military, and this issue raises several concerns.  A military member that is sued for support often pays far more than they expect in support due to non-taxable BAS and BAH stipends that the Pennsylvania Courts consider income for support purposes.  Further, while certain types of income (like combat pay) are not taxable either by the federal or state governments, this increases the service members income available for support purposes.

Notwithstanding the above issues with respect to income, there are also jurisdictional issues relative to where the divorce litigation can take place and the fact that the pursuant to the Uniform Code of Military Justice certain issues like adultery are considered crimes, and can be cause for not only a dishonorable discharge from the service (creating other economic issues) but possibly even imprisonment.

My office offers free 30 minute consultations for members of the United States Armed Services please call or email for more information.